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Molybdenum : Transition metals molybdenum and pure is silvery-white in color and very hard. Further hardened by the addition of a small amount of steel can be facilitated. In terms of chemical properties of chromium and molybdenum, wolfram similarities with high melting and boiling point, high heat resistance, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion has superior features such as. In general usage areas can be summarized as follows:
- for increasing strength of steel at elevated temperatures,
- in the construction of aircraft and space vehicles,
- In nuclear energy applications,
- construction of wires in electrical applications,
- High-temperature structure of the oil lubricating oil to be disrupted as molybdenum sulfate,
- as a catalyst,
- Paint industry colorant (pigment) as.
- Freely without molybdenum, wolfram so abundant in the earth's crust, but are scattered. Is produced from the mineral molybdenite ore containing mostly.



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