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Nickel : Go to the air through the oxidation resistance of nickel, a dime, in the production and in the production of chemical tools and equipment used in the manufacture of many alloys such as German silver.
Nickel is found in nature together with the cobalt. Alloys (especially super alloys) and is important in the production of stainless steel. In addition, nickel is a natural feature amount in a magnetic field is capable of changing size. This change is negative nickel. But the oxidized state of nickel is usually +2 value 0, +1, +3, +4 valence are also observed. However, the presence of nickel may be possible +6 valence Nickel stainless steel, magnets, coins, and special alloys are used in many industrial and end-user products. It is also used in order to give the glass a green color.
Nickel is a metal alloy, before anything else. Therefore many uses in alloys are available. These alloys of copper, chromium, aluminum, lead, cobalt, silver and gold, alloys are made.



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